How To Watch UK TV From Anywhere

Seeing the ‘Oops!’ message when you try to watch a channel? Here’s how to get around the geographical restrictions so you can watch UK TV from anywhere.

Unblock UK TV

If you’re in the US, Canada, or elsewhere outside the UK, then you’re probably seeing the ‘channel not available in your region’ message when you try to watch a live stream.

Why is this happening?  Channels like the BBC, ITV, and others block viewers outside the UK from watching their content. It’s called geo-blocking or geo-restriction. They use the IP address on your computer or device to determine where you are, and then block you if you’re abroad.

What can I do about it?  It is very easy to get around the geo-blocks and watch every UK TV channel from any location. You just need to ‘trick’ the channels into ‘thinking’ you’re inside the UK. This is as simple as using a tool called a VPN to change your IP address to an address in the UK. You can then instantly stream content from every UK TV channel.

How do I set it up?  Setup is super fast and easy. Here’s exactly what to do.

Unblock Every UK TV Channels In 3 Easy Steps

We recommend using NordVPN to unblock UK TV because it has the both the best performance and the best deal — you can get it for only $3.29/month right now. It’s  super fast, among the easiest to use, and works on any device to give instant access to all our UK TV channels. Here’s how to set it up.

STEP 1. Get a NordVPN account and download the app for the device(s) you want to use.
STEP 2. Connect to an ‘Ultra fast TV’ server in the UK.
STEP 3. Come back here, click on the channel you want to watch in the menu, and start watching. You’ll immediately have access to its live stream and on-demand content.

Unblock UK TV with NordVPN

Other Ways To Unblock UK TV

NordVPN has some of the top ratings and the best deal at only $3.29/month. But it isn’t the only VPN out there that will unblock UK TV without slowing your connection. Here are a couple options we’ve found that work great to unblock our UK TV channels.

ExpressVPN — ExpressVPN is super fast with slick, easy-to-use apps for every device. Just connect to any UK server to get access to every UK TV channel. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get unlimited streaming on multiple devices for $8.32/month for an annual account — plus 3 months extra free when you sign up for a 12-month plan.

TunnelBear — TunnelBear is nice because you can stream up to 500MBs of data/month for free. But, it doesn’t always have the fastest streaming speeds and doesn’t work on every device. So if you’re serious about watching UK TV from abroad, you’ll probably want a faster, more versatile, unlimited VPN like Nord or Express. But if you just want to dabble a little, TunnelBear is a great option.