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Channel 4

UK Channel 4 Live Online

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Watch UK Channel 4 Live Online

This is the free Channel 4 live stream for UK residents. Unfortunately, UK Channel 4 online is only free and easy to access if you live in the UK–OR–if you have a VPN for Channel 4. If you’re in the UK, the image above will take you directly to the Channel 4 live stream. If you reside outside the UK and don’t mind paying only $3.29 a month, then a Channel 4 VPN will get you total access to UK Channel4. Even better, an Unblock TV VPN will also serve as a complete UK TV VPN so you’ll get access to all the other great UK TV channels as well.

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Watch Channel 4 UK TV live and free online or with a VPN for UK TV

About UK Channel 4

UK Channel4 is another UK TV public broadcasting channel. It showsΒ a wide variety of older popular movies, edgy comedies, and hard-hitting dramas. Channel 4 is also known for its compelling and always relevant documentaries.