Watch Free UK TV Live

 Watch Free UK TV Live

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How It Works

Watch all the best UK TV channels live — totally for free! There’s no registration, and no limits to how much you can watch.

(Outside the UK? See how to get access below.)


Just choose a channel from the menu, like BBC One or ITV, and start watching. To watch a channel in full screen, click the “full screen” button at the top right of each channel’s stream. To switch to a different channel, just select it from the menu.

Watch on any device — computer, smartphone, tablet, or stream channels straight to your big-screen TV with Chromecast or a similar device.

Yes, it really is that easy. So start watching all the free, live British TV you want.

Watch From Outside The UK

You can watch every UK channel live — from any location. If you initially see a “This channel is not yet available in your region” message after clicking on a channel, it means the owner of that content (the BBC, for example) has blocked it in your area. So you’ll need to unblock it before you can start watching.

You just need a handy tool called a VPN to get access to every region-blocked UK TV channel. A VPN will let you instantly bypass the channel’s geo-blocks, which is what websites use to keep people in certain regions from streaming content. (More about how geo-blocking works.)

We recommend using NordVPN to unblock UK TV. NordVPN is fast, super easy to use, and works great on any device to give instant access to all our UK TV channels. (See other options to unblock UK TV.)

Unblock every UK TV channel in 3 easy steps:

1. Get a NordVPN account.

2. Download the app for the device(s) you want to use.

3. Connect to an ‘Ultra fast TV’ server in the UK.

4. Start watching any UK TV channel with zero geo-blocks. As long as you’re connected to a NordVPN server in the UK you’ll be able to access all live and on-demand content.

Unblock UK TV with NordVPN

Your Favorite UK Channels, All In One Place

Now you can live stream all your favorite UK TV channels in one convenient place. Stop wasting time searching for free UK TV streams, and stop visiting junky, ad-clogged sites. Switch channels with a single click using the menu. Browsing is easy, fast, and enjoyable

No Limits Or Restrictions

You can watch as much free UK TV as you want. We will never limit your usage, throttle your connect, cut you off, or charge a fee. So stream away and visit often to get your UK TV fix anytime, anywhere!

 Instantly unblock every UK TV channel with NordVPN. Get your account and start watching.