Watch 5Star TV Online for free of with a UK TV VPN


5Star TV Online

Watch 5Star TV online for free of with a vpn for UK TV

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Watch 5Star TV Online

This is the free 5Star TV online stream for UK residents. Unfortunately, 5Star TV online is only free to access if you live in the UK–OR–if you have a VPN for UK Channel 5. If you’re in the UK, the image above will take you directly to the My5 Player. If you reside outside the UK and don’t mind paying only $3.29 a month, then a Channel 5 VPN will get you total access to the My5 Player. Even better, this VPN will also serve as a complete UK TV VPN so you’ll get access to all the other great UK TV channels as well.

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About 5Star TV

5Star is an entertainment channel for people who really like to be entertained. On 5Star, the dramas are more dramatic, the reality shows are more real, the comedies are funnier, the movies are bigger, and the soaps are soapier. In short, you never know what you’re going to get on 5Star, but you can be sure it’ll be good.